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 Author: Diego Comin  
 Publisher: Penerbit UTM Press
 • 2014 • ISBN 9789835209833 • 61 pages • 1.0 kg • Edition 1
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During more than a decade, the Malaysian economy has showed signs of fatigue that indicate that productive opportunities are diminishing. What is causing the slowdown? Can the government do something about it? Are the lessons from Malaysia applicable to other emerging and advanced economies? This book presents a new analytical framework to explore these questions. The diagnostic is that the main root cause of the economic slowdown is the scarcity of technological knowledge by Malaysian companies. Solving this problem requires a new approach to policy–making that recognizes the importance of managing knowledge in society to create a knowledge friendly ecosystem where knowledge is created and allocated efficiently. A detail guide is provided about how to attain such an ecosystem starting from the current environment in Malaysia.

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